Who We Are

At the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd (LCGS), we consider ourselves a family of families. We don’t view the Church as a physical structure we attend but rather a community we belong to. Our mission is to cultivate an authentic community where everyone is welcomed, loved, accepted, and embraced for who they are – a child of the living God.

We are a group of people who acknowledge that we don’t have everything figured out. Nonetheless, we strive to discover the meaning of finding life in Jesus, follow Him wholeheartedly, break free from our past, and walk in victory together. This is who we are.

We don’t judge people based on their clothing, political affiliations, or physical appearance. Our congregation comprises flawed and vulnerable individuals who seek to know Jesus and serve others together. Regardless of your background or life experiences, we believe that you are part of our family.

We invite you personally to join us for worship this weekend. We have a seat reserved for you, and we can’t wait to meet you in person. Don’t just stop at browsing our website, come and experience the warmth and welcome of our community firsthand.