Quilter's Group

Providing comfort to people all over the world

The Quilters’ Ministry at LCGS has been serving our community for decades by providing handmade quilts to those in need both locally and around the world. For almost 20 years, we have been donating our colorful and comforting quilts, pillows, and other items to women and children at a local shelter.

Our ministry is a labor of love, and we are grateful for the opportunity to show scared and lonely women that they have not been forgotten. We believe that our work is inspired by God and that through our mission, we can bring hope and peace to those who are hurting.

As a ministry, we take great care and pride in every quilt we make. We pray over each completed quilt, asking that the eyes and hearts of those who receive them will be opened to turn to Jesus. Our hope is that each quilt will be a tangible reminder of God’s love and care for each person who receives one.

We believe that our ministry is a powerful way to share God’s love and to fulfill the call to care for those in need. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our community and to share the love of Christ through our quilts. If you are interested in joining our ministry or learning more about our work, please contact the church office at office@lcgs.net.