What To Expect

Sunday Worship

Welcome to LCGS, where we come together every Sunday to worship. We offer two unique services that are centered around the same scripture and message, catering to diverse ages and cultural backgrounds. Whether you’re new to faith or have been on your spiritual journey for some time, we invite you to join our community and learn more about God.

Our morning worship takes place at 8:00 am and 10:00 am. The 10:00 am service is a family-friendly service that includes our kids’ ministry. Please note that this service is also live-streamed, with occasional footage of the first 5 rows of pews, so we suggest sitting further back if you prefer not to be on camera.

At LCGS, we believe worship is a crucial time for kids to experience and participate in. Children aged 1-10 are welcome to join their families in the worship service for the first part of the service. After a short kids’ moment, they are then invited to participate in our kids church program. For families with infants, we offer a cry room or nursery staffed with caring attendants where you can safely drop off your children.

We also celebrate communion every Sunday, a cherished time for our community to come together and share in this special sacrament. Join us as we gather in worship, celebrate our faith, and grow in our relationship with God.

Visiting LCGS

We understand that visiting a church for the first time can be overwhelming. At LCGS, our aim is to ensure that your initial visit is a great experience and helps you form a deeper connection with Jesus and his people.

We welcome you with open arms and a warm atmosphere, where you can feel comfortable and at ease. Our community is a diverse group of people from various backgrounds, and we embrace this diversity with open hearts.

Our goal is to help you connect with Jesus, and we offer a variety of programs and services that cater to different ages and spiritual needs. We are dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming environment where you can explore your faith and grow in your relationship with God.

Whether you’re seeking answers to your spiritual questions, looking for a supportive community, or simply curious about our church, we invite you to join us. Come experience the warmth of our community and the love of Jesus, and let us help you make a connection that lasts a lifetime.

What are services like?

At LCGS, we strive to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who walks through our doors. We are a small church with a big belief in God’s limitless power and love.

We offer two services each Sunday at 8:00 am and 10:00 am. Our 8:00 am service is traditional, following the liturgy set out in our Lutheran Book of Worship. On the other hand, our 10:00 am service is what we call “blended,” where we incorporate some liturgy but also feature a modern touch with a live band and contemporary music. Regardless of the service you attend, you will experience heartfelt singing, scripture readings, a message from God’s Word, and communion, followed by more singing.

We understand that people have different preferences and spiritual needs, which is why we offer a blend of traditional and contemporary elements in our services. Our goal is to create a space where everyone feels welcomed, comfortable, and connected with God.

Join us at LCGS as we come together in faith, worship, and community. We can’t wait to share this journey with you.

Nice People

We are always delighted to welcome new faces to our church, whether you are a first-time visitor or a recent member. However, as many of our community members are still fairly new themselves, it can be difficult to identify first-time visitors.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know that this is your first time visiting. We would be more than happy to guide you and help you feel at home. Our ushers and greeters are available to answer any questions you may have and assist you in finding your way around.

We want to make sure that you have a wonderful and fulfilling experience with us. Whether you’re seeking spiritual guidance, looking to join a supportive community, or simply curious about our church, we are here to help you every step of the way.

So, come as you are and join us at LCGS. Let us walk alongside you on your spiritual journey and help you find your place within our community.

Fun, Safe Environment for Kids

LCGS is a church where kids are welcomed and cherished. We believe that children are an essential part of our community and strive to create an environment where families can worship and grow together.

During our services, kids join their parents for worship before being invited to attend kids’ church where they can learn about God in a fun and interactive way. We believe it’s important for parents and children to praise and worship together, and our kids’ church program is designed to support this.

For parents with babies and toddlers, we have a dedicated nursery staffed by caring and nurturing employees. You can rest assured that your little ones are in good hands while you participate in the service.

Our kids’ ministry volunteers are passionate about serving children and families. Each volunteer undergoes a thorough background check to ensure the safety and well-being of all our kids. We believe that building a strong foundation of faith in children’s lives is vital, and we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where children can grow in their relationship with God.

Come join us at Good Shepherd, where we celebrate the joy and wonder of childhood and encourage families to grow in faith together.

Biblical Teaching

At our church, we strive to make the Bible relevant and applicable to our daily lives. Our biblical teaching is rooted in sound doctrine and is designed to help us connect the words of the Bible to the challenges and opportunities we face in our everyday lives.

We believe that music is an integral part of our worship and strive to create a blended style that combines traditional and modern elements. Our music ministry seeks to create a vibrant and meaningful worship experience that inspires us to connect with God and one another.

So, whether you prefer traditional hymns or contemporary worship songs, we have something for everyone. Come join us as we seek to deepen our understanding of God’s Word and lift our voices in praise and worship.

A Casual Atmosphere

We believe that God cares about our hearts, not our outward appearance, so you’re welcome to come to our church dressed in comfortable clothes, whether that’s jeans or something else. Our only dress code requirement is that you wear something.

As you enter our worship center, feel free to grab a complimentary cup of hot coffee from our courtyard and find a seat wherever you’d like. We don’t single out or publicly ask our guests to participate in any way, and we don’t expect you to contribute financially.

During our worship services, you may notice some people raising their hands in praise, but please don’t feel obligated to do the same. We create an atmosphere of freedom in our services and want you to feel comfortable to worship in your own way.

At our church, we take risks in faith and strive to stay fast, fluid, and flexible in our approach. We’re passionate about finding people who are far from God and serving broken people, even if it means getting our hands messy.

We believe that everybody belongs, regardless of their background, shape, or story. We trust the Bible completely and prioritize Kingdom growth by investing in new churches locally, nationally, and globally. Ultimately, everything we do is for the name and fame of Jesus Christ.