Small Groups (aka "Sunday Gatherings")

We believe in the vital importance of Sunday celebrations where the Word of God is taught to us, and we participate in corporate worship and celebrate the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. But one does not typically find community or enter into deeper and more meaningful personal relationships with other Christians simply by attending church on a Sunday.

At LCGS we value being the family that God created us to be. Our small groups are where that happens. We believe that life is fully lived out in community. Our Small Group focuses on spending time together and getting to know each other in more meaningful ways outside of the hour or so we spend together on Sundays.

Small Groups are the front lines in caring for one another and building relationships beyond a Sunday morning.  It’s a time of fellowship, sharing a meal, praying for each other, talking about life, brainstorming how we can reach out to our communities, you name it! 

Our small groups meet around the city on a regular basis to build friendships, study the Bible and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Through these groups, we are able to care for one another and feel a sense of belonging within the larger church family.

Our small groups are also “missional.” They’re planted in neighborhoods we live in, and are a vehicle for reaching our neighbors. Our goal is for our small groups to be meaningful parts of these neighborhoods—whether through serving local needy communities, helping refugees acclimate, throwing barbecues for the neighbors… you name it! Small Groups can be a less intimidating introduction to the family of God, and they’re pockets of “salt and light” in Torrance and elsewhere.

Get to be a part of each other’s lives, fellowship & be on mission together. It is in the context of these community groups that genuine community & growth begins to happen. 

Join a small group & experience the power of doing life together!

Adult Ministries

Our adult ministries are structured to help you walk the discipleship path toward a relationship with Christ that is irresistible to your community.

We have numerous opportunities available for you to learn about the faith, to connect with others, to deepen your prayer life, and to influence people around you so that you may look more like Jesus day after day.

Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly in various locations including homes, parks, and cafes.